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MagnuM Countryside: Pedestal Unit with a Black Door
Model: 3500P

Shown with Black Accessories

Price: $2,850.00

Now that you know all the features & benefits of the MagnuM Countryside, you can begin your customization. Select your accessories to match any personality or room decor.

Please Note: The true luminous metallic colors of the MagnuM appliances may not be accurately represented due to the variance in computer monitor settings. You will be amazed by the brilliant color when your MagnuM appliance arrives!

Product Options
Custom Paint
Metallic Black (standard)
MF3580   -   Honey Glow Brown   -   $125.00
MF3582   -   Forest Green   -   $125.00
MF3587   -   Sky Blue   -   $125.00
Air Deflector
MF3524   -   Black (standard) image
MF3525   -   24K Gold Plating Upcharge   -   $69.00 image
MF3555   -   Nickel Plating Upcharge   -   $69.00 image
Etched Glass
Plain Glass (standard)
MF3562   -   Pheasant Etching Upcharge   -   $115.00 image
MF3557   -   Chickadee Etching Upcharge   -   $115.00 image
MF3565   -   Wood Duck Etching Upcharge   -   $115.00 image
MF3558   -   Rose Border Etching Upcharge   -   $115.00 image
MF3559   -   Deco Flower Etching Upcharge   -   $115.00 image
Optional Accessories
MF3656   -   Flex Fuel Firepot (Cast Iron)   -   $149.00 image

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