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Heating With Wood

For many people, memories of heating their homes with wood are mixed with warm enjoyable times with family and friends and the work (and mess) of hauling in wood and taking our ash.  Seems like you were warmed up more than once with all the work surrounding wood burning.

American Energy Systems Inc. has spent considerable time over the past 42 years in taking the "work" out of wood burning and leaving you with more warm and snuggly times.  The MagnuM and Country Flame wood burning fireplace, stove and fireplace insert lines are state of the art in high efficiency clean burning technology.  We squeeze every BTU possible out of the log that you place into our product.

The result is less ash, less chimney cleaning, less hauling in wood and taking out ash. That leaves you with more time to sit, relax and enjoy a steaming cup of your favorite drink with your favorite person sitting next to you.  Ah, I can feel the love. 

Wood burning is not just for our parents anymore.  Now you can be a part of saving our precious resources, protecting our environment and providing a future of heating for our children and grandchildren.  What are you waiting for?  Warm nights and money in your pocket is a few clicks away.

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