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3 Easy Ways to Install a Pellet Stove

Wheat: A Renewable Energy Source Rarely Discussed

When it comes to biofuels used for renewable energy, wheat is not a fuel source that’s often mentioned. Wood has always been around as a heat source, and lately corn has been the center of attention when it comes to crop-based alternative energy sources mainly due to it being a popular source of ethanol.

burn wheat in your stove for heat, renewable energyHowever, as renewable energy evolves, wheat continues to emerge as a sustainable energy source, and those who own pellet stoves can only stand to benefit. Flex-fuel stoves accept a wide variety of pellets made from different types of biomass, and wheat and wheat pellets are emerging as a valuable option for heating your home.

One of the benefits of wheat as a biofuel is that wheat pellets are made from the husks of the crop. Therefore, it’s possible to use the same plant both for producing food as well as creating renewable energy through biomass that can be consumed for heat. Wheat pellets are a second-generation biofuel, meaning the the fuel can be derived from biomass that would otherwise be considered waste, making it an ultra-sustainable renewable energy option.

As wheat and other biomass options become more available, it only adds value for owners of flex-fuel stoves. Why? Because crop values tend to fluctuate, and if there are more options available, you can choose the fuel source that is going at the lowest rate.

It also gives owners of flex-fuel stoves the added benefit of being able to choose fuel sources that are grown locally. So if you live in the heart of wheat country in North Dakota, you can feed your stove with locally grown and produced wheat, saving energy that would otherwise be needed to transport your fuel from somewhere else.

If you’re thinking of installing a pellet stove, or pellet furnace, you don’t need to choose which fuel you’d be most likely to use before you buy. Many of our Country Flame and Magnum products accept flex fuel, which means you can select the type of pellet that works best for your needs, and make the switch to a different kind of pellet at any time. Wheat, rye and corn are just a few of the crop-based options for pellet stove users.

When you use pellet heat, whether it’s from wood, corn, wheat, switchgrass or any other type of biofuel, you can help protect yourself from wild swings in the energy market while also doing your part in moving our country to a more sustainable energy future.

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