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3 Easy Ways to Install a Pellet Stove

Another Way to Support Local Farmers – Buy a Pellet Stove

If you haven’t noticed, Americans are eager to support their local farmers. Every day, more farmers markets are popping up, and community supported agriculture (CSA) shares are exploding in popularity as a way for families to buy quality produce from local farmers.

People are realizing that establishing a connection with local farmers is one of the best ways to build sustainable communities from a health, environmental and economic standpoint. But farmers can offer sustainable solutions through more than just food.

Crops for heat

2012 will the farm bill passCorn-burning stoves and other stoves that burn biomass like wheat, wood and switchgrass pellets provide a sustainable and renewable source of energy to heat your home. Rather than paying your utility company to deliver a heat source from relatively finite resources that must be extracted from the earth, you can instead put that money in the pockets of local farmers (or foresters if you’re using a wood-based product) for heat from renewable sources.

Added stability

Farmers are ingenious people, as finding a way to get the most out of each year’s crop yield is necessary for their survival. A drought has obvious catastrophic effects on farmers, but a bumper crop can have similar consequences when supply of a certain crop exceeds demand – which in turn drives commodity prices so low that the farmer might not see much of a profit even with a large yield.

But what if enough people used corn-burning stoves so that excess harvest in good years could be put to good use? Farmer will tell you that if there were more uses for the crops they produce, it would help reduce volatility in the market.

Some would argue that the government could help encourage this type of efficient use of excess crops by providing incentives through its farm policy, but anyone who follows the issue knows that getting Congress to agree on a Farm Bill, much less institute these types of innovate policy initiatives might be wishful thinking. But just like people are taking matters into their own hands to support local farmers by seeking out local produce, you can do the same when heating your home. We have a number of customers who fuel their Magnum corn stove or Country Flame pellet stove with corn that they get directly from farmers in their communities.

Expanding your options

One of the best things about our Magnum and Country Flame pellet stoves is they can accept a wide variety of pellets, so you can buy the least expensive options or opt for the type of wood pellets that are produced closest to home. Just like a farmer benefits from diversified uses for his crops, you benefit from more options to heat your home. If there’s a corn shortage, you can turn to pellets made from wood, wheat or some other form of biomass.

There are a number of ways you can bring pellet heat into your home. Check out your options and decide whether it’s time to begin heating your home with a renewable, sustainable and locally sourced fuel.

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