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We would like to hear your Success Story!  MagnuM and Country Flame owners have been saving thousands of dollars over the past 35 plus years with our wood burning or Corn, Wood Pellet, Agri-fuel and Flex-fuel appliances.  Following are just a few of the great customers that we have enjoying warmth, security and peace of mind with their American built products.

We invite you to send in your success story along with pictures of your MagnuM or Country Flame appliance.  If you do not own one of these great products, start your success story today by visiting our E-com store.

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We have been using one of your Magnum 3500 stoves for close to 15 years now and I just wanted to let you know what an absolute pleasure it has been. We started burning corn only and had some auger motor problems due to foreign metal objects in the corn, namely a few bolts or screws. After several years we switched to wood pellets and heating with your stove became much easier. We now purchase 2 tons of wood pellets in the fall to heat our 1800 square foot home all winter. The only time we ever run our central heat is during the early fall should night time temperatures dip and then only to cut the chill. Other than the auger motor replacement your stove has been free of mechanical issues. We almost never set the stove to 4 and typically run it on 2 all winter. If I had any complaint it would be the stove will not remain burning on its lowest setting which is sad because our. ICF home is so well insulated sometimes we have to start and stop the stove throughout the day to keep room temperatures from being too hot. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your stove. It has been reliable and efficient. Your customer service is exemplary as well. I even get a call from you every year asking how our stove is working. Your Magnum stove is a product you can be proud of as we are of owning it. Thank You, Morgan Prewett

-- Morgan Prewett

Thank you for all your help. I am very impressed and pleased with the support and customer service you have provided. You did an amazing job and have earned a customer for life. Thank you again for all your hard work.

-- Travis Radtke

I have been meaning to write a note for some time, with a great deal of gratitude for your company and particularly, your service tech Rob Wilson. This guy goes above and beyond anybody I have crossed paths with, in all my 63 years. When my biomass stove went on the blink in the coldest part of the winter, February 2019, I called the dealer I bought the stove from. They no longer "serviced " those stoves. Frantic, I found my original service papers and manual. There I found all the phone numbers and addresses for your company, the manufacturers of the stove. Meeting Rob, he walked me through all the details of dismantling the auger motor and auger, step by step. If I was stuck, He'd advise on that. Helped me in ordering all the parts I needed. Even advised me to change the sensors at same time and sent them, as well. Got the stove up and running but with a bit of a groan and vibration when auger turning. Rob had the solution. Sent me pictures of what I needed for tools and what to do. This summer, I got an follow up email from Rob.....just checking in, to see how all his customers are making out with their stoves. WHO does THAT??!! I only had one, oh well, you buy a new car(40 000 dollars) , they will call you in a few months. But after the 1st yr thats it. I bought this stove 10 years ago!! Thats the kind of people you have out there in Minnesota. I think you wrote the book on service!! Appreciate Robs help, even again as I bored out the auger tube to make the new auger run smoothly. This guy is a valuable employee. I'm all IN with my Magnum stove!! Thanks Rob for all you do and all you HAVE done, A loyal customer from the northeast Canada,

-- Donnie Harris

We no longer own the home in CT with the stove. We have moved to sunny Florida where there is no need for alternative heating. Thank you for all your help over the years—and an extra special thanks to Rob for all his knowledge and willingness to help my husband when he was ready to give up on the stove!! Your customer service is extraordinary—something that most companies have lost sight of.

-- Ronald & Nancy Dest

I have been using my Baby Country Side for 12 years now and I could not be happier. Tech Support over the years has been INCREDIBLE !!!!! Thank You for all your help

-- Brian Donahue

We have had our Countryside stove for 2 years now, it was given to us by family. The unit is installed in our basement and heats our entire 1800 sq ft home. We burn only 2 tons of pellets at a yearly cost of around $356.00. We used to pay propane to heat and that cost was over $1200 per year (2 tank fulls)! We love our stove, the savings and warmth it provides during our cold Michigan winters is just the best! The support I was given when I needed to order a part was a very pleasant experience, thank you American Energy Systems!

-- Jim Gamblin

Since late October I just tapped into my 3rd pallet of pellets. So far $400 spent to heat the house vs propane an easy $1200. And with propane we kept the house at 62. Yipppy kye I aye!! Dean

-- Dean Kieler

I purchased my MagnuM Baby Countryside Corn/Pellet heater eight years ago and it has served me well. It has worked trouble free; all I have to do is keep it clean and keep the fuel clean and dry. My MagnuM Baby Countryside heater has cut my heating costs in half over the years. I fill it once a day and let it work. It's safe! If I open any doors on the unit, it will shut off (except the feed door). There is no smell inside or outside of my house and there is no smoke; just clean heat. My heater heats all five rooms! J McRae SC Installed by Alternative Heating Systems & Supply, LLC Coward, SC

-- Jerry McRae

The warm glow and soft flicker of an open flame. The gentle summer-like breeze. Ahhh to be warm inside when it's cold outside. That's what I now have with my MagnuM Alternative Heater. The much lower electric bill also very NICE. You were right; just add a little corn with the wood pellets and I'm in short sleeve tees instead of being all bundled up. Love it! Gail SC (Installed by Alternative Heating Systems & Supply LLC, Coward, SC)

-- Gail Howell

I would like to tell you how much I enjoy my Country Flame Little Rascal pellet stove. The stove not only looks homey but does a real great job of heating for its size. I did not realize how much heating oil it was saving me until it got its auger jammed by a drill bit. I now appreciate the job it's been doing. I then called you for parts and assistance. The two girls I spoke to went above the call of duty by tracking my stove from its origin to my ownership to be sure I had the right part for it. I then spoke to (Duane). I have never been treated so well and courteously as by you and your staff. Which only shows the quality of your product even more. Your staff is very knowledgeable of product and needs. Thank you again.

-- Eugene Handy

I have to say you guys are awesome to deal with. I'll be looking to buy another unit this summer. My girlfriends father sells pellet stoves, but I'll pay retail for a Magnum because of how you guys have been with helping me get this unit dialed in. Thanks again

-- Pete B.

To who, it may concern at American energy systems, The years have gone by and I have had the same results every time so I wanted to share them with your company. I am heating approximately 4500 sq feet of office and warehouse. Another heating season starting and I am very happy to inform that I just had another flawless start up of both my heating units. I have an old 6500 furnace along with a baby corn stove. I am an extremely busy person and Maintenance is not one of my strong points. I am scared to confess that the past few years I have neglected to clean them after the heating season ended. In fact, I simply let the corn/wood pellets run out and the unit turned off and that's the way I left them all summer until just today. After a lot of vacuuming with my ash vac, I filled it, started it, and let them take off. These things are unbelievable. So, I simply wanted you to have my thanks for building such a solid unit, that even I can run it. Ps, I will try to do a better job servicing my units this year, I want them to continuing saving me boat loads of money. One more thing: with natural gas it was costing up to $1000 a month to heat my office area. Now, it takes a pallet of corn which runs around $300 a month. HUGE savings there. Thank you very much for helping me buy my snow mobiles.

-- Michael -

Thank you so much for keeping me informed. I Love the Magnum pellet stoves. They are simple and efficient. I recently purchased a hammer mill and pellet mill and am now making my own pellets!! They burn wonderfully in the Magnum stoves. My brother is thinking of getting a Magnum and so is my nephew, since we can now make our own pellets. FYI: Last year, I purchased a pellet stove from American Stove Company, thinking it was made in America, but when I got it, I saw the sticker inside that said, "Made in China". I used it for a month and then decided to purchase another Magnum. I now have two Magnums and have comfortable heat all winter long. I hope Magnum is still made in America? Its the best............thanks, dan

-- Daniel DeBoer

I bought a Baby Magnum about 6 years ago and have never had a problem with it. I heat my whole house with it. I burn corn and pellets ~best product I ever bought. If it ever went down I would by another one from the same company. If i have any questions about it, they’re fast and friendly to talk to. I would recommend a stove to anyone, and I have, and they loved it. Keep up the good work on making the stoves better.

-- Jeff Hardick

The service we have had from your company has been wonderful. Nice to see in this day and age that emails and phone calls are actually read and returned.

-- Norm M

The stove is a mess and still wont run right ( only kidding ). It is running great. In fact better than great. It did not run this good when it was brand new. When it was new, we had to empty the firebox at least twice a day and clean the glass every couple of hrs. And after awhile we would just leave it dirty for the day. We always had an issue with you saying the stove was not clean when I know we cleaned it all the time. And now that I see how well it is running, I can see how you thought that we did not clean it enough. We have no idea what they did to it when they installed it but there is a world of difference now. We had nothing to compare it to when we first got it so we thought it was doing fine all that time and now we know it was not. I just have one question, I noticed the auto igniter looks like it is installed a little different. The glow plug was always sticking out of the tube slightly and now it is inside of the tube slightly and I think that is why we burned out so many. My question is, how did you install it like you did? Did you not screw it in all the way so it would stay inside of the tube? I know that I have said thank you before but we wanted to thank you again.

-- Lee Mimms

I just wanted to thank you all again for helping out with our pellet stove. I work 3 jobs and my wife works one every weekend and all of the four jobs involve working with customers so we have a pretty good idea how hard people have to work at making some of them happy. It amazes us how hard you have worked to get the stove fixed, I have kept all of the e mail and between Robert and Duane I have 30 emails and even one from the president Mike Haefner took the time to write us. All of the emails were positive and not at all belittling. The stove is in and running great all because of the work and time you gave us to make sure it was all set. When we put the stove in and tried to turn it on it would not start and I almost called you to complain when I found a wire behind the plug that I must have knocked off and when I replaced the wire it started right up. It is running right now and it feels good. We are truly blessed to have the stove and did the right thing buying a Magnum stove and we plan on telling anyone that will listen how great your company is. Thank you again

-- Lee and Laurie Mimms

Thanks so much for your help, we appreciate all that American Energy Sytems does for the customers. This is why we have people contact us about your products and are not looking for anything else! Greg, JTS Sales-TN

-- Greg Bradley

Two weeks ago on the 9th of January, my Reliant industries pellet stove's circuit board went bad. Knowing that Reliant was out of business, I went ahead and called their phone number anyway and received a warm welcome from a gracious couple who said it had been a long time since they had heard from a Reliant owner. I called them and thanked them for telling me to go to American Energy Systems online. And now I am a satisfied customer. Anjuli @ the parts department, by my description and part numbers that I submitted on line, sent me to the correct location of the Magnum website and the proper part. Then Robert sent me that part which works fantastic. You don't have to post this if you don’t want to, I just feel like in that movie (A Miracle On 34th Street, sending a Macy's customer to Gimbles if Macy's was unable to help). This analogy may not make sense to you, but it does to me. You only sold me a part to a stove you didn't manufacture, but when I do need to buy a new stove someday, Magnum will be my number 1 choice. Thank You

-- Robert Grant

I wanted to send a letter to acknowledge the superior customer service I have experienced dealing with your company. I own an older Country Flame Spitfire Insert and I think we all know the early versions of this unit lacked the engineering and performance of the CF stoves. Many of the problems were addressed in the later Crossfire. I purchased the Insert from a dealer in Oregon and had it trucked to my home in the mountains of Southern California. I installed the stove myself and, over the past 7 years have handled all maintenance since there are no dealers / techs anywhere near my area. Unfortunately, the dealer in Oregon had scavenged parts off this stove to use on others including the control board chip, room air fan, auger etc. I have since repaired / replaced all the broken or improperly replaced parts. I have fought many a battle with this thing and most of them without any support from CF, always getting the standard "consult the web site for an authorized dealer in your area." However, things have changed! The last two times I have contacted your company for support the customer service has been exceptional. At first I thought the techs were just sympathetic because of the model I own, but in fact it is because they really do care. My latest encounter with your service department was with Duane. This gentleman went far beyond the call of duty to help. I know he has better things to do than walk me through the troubleshooting process, but he took the time to make sure I was "good to go." From ordering replacement parts, warrantee service on a defective fan purchased last year to the assistance from the techs in service department, everyone I encountered at AES have been professional, prompt, and above all, courteous. My sincere appreciation to all.

-- Jay Tunnell

Have owned a Magnum for a couple of years. Never had a problem. The stove ran out of fuel one day cause I was away longer than anticipated. After cleaning and refilling the hopper I tried to prime the auger and It wouldn't let me so I sent an email to Magnum and explained my problem and got a reply within the hour. Got my stove back up and running thanks to Duane. A true gentleman and scholar. His directions were precise and easy to follow. Thanks Duane

-- Robert Boulet

I have owned a Countryside for 9 years, and couldn't be happier. Being the owner of an old farmhouse, I know that the cost to heat with fossil fuels would probably drive me into bankruptcy! This morning I woke up to the sound of my propane furnace running; I had let the stove run out of fuel. It was about 19F this morning; not a really cold morning for central MI, but enough to make the furnace work for it's keep. I timed the sequences (time running versus time off) of the furnace, and discovered it was running approximately 4 minutes for every minute it was off. At 80,000 btu, that figures out to using 15.36 gallons of propane every day!!! At a statewide average of $2.33 per gallon on Jan 10, that means I could be paying $36 per day to heat with propane. Ouch! I looked at the thermostat when I got downstairs and the furnace was barely holding the temperature at 66 degrees. I started up the stove, and within 45 minutes the temperature was up to 74 degrees. I figure that I am using around $7.00 per day to heat with corn or wood pellets. Thanks for the savings!

-- Wes Friesen

Hi Duane, I started burning the pellets you had sitting for me by your front door at AES in Hutch, I cleaned out my stove, took all the lumber jack pellets out, then put the Indeck Energy Pellets, WOW!!! They burn hot and clean, A big bright white to yellow flame, no black soot at all!! When I open the door to look inside, the ash is bright white!!! And not much of it, We'll see if the lumber jack brand pellets give you as much of a hard time as they did me. Chris R, MN

-- Valued Customer

I just wanted to say that we really enjoy our BBF Insert. Its now One year later and is working just Fine. It is very conservative on the wood usage. You were very Pleasant to Deal with. Thank You. David

-- David -

Ordered a MagnuM Baby Countryside and "everything arrvived in perfect health! I brought the stove home in the bucket of my tractor from the business it was dropped off at and managed to tip it forward against my house while unloading it from the tractor. Our house is just over a year old and I was sure I broke something on the house but, to my surprise nothing was cracked or broken so, I naturally figured I had bent the pipe or damaged the stove, nope! Your packaging job was in my opinion overdone until I did my little no,ah$*** dance and then I had a whole other perspective. I am working on the hearth today and hope to have it up and running by the middle of next week at the latest. The stove is beautiful and your entire company should be proud of the product you are producing. I haven't had any problems, but if I do I know just from the purchase that each of you has a vested interest in the company. I have had contact with at least three different people from AES, and that is unheard of in 2010 when purchasing anything, and that was just concerning the purchase and shipment. Thank you, Brendon H. NY"

-- Brendon H.

I purchased a US Stove five years ago and should have purchased a MagnuM, but one lives and learns.” I am ready to purchase a 2nd stove and that will be a MagnuM Countryside!

-- Diana S.

We live in Ohio and have a dissapointing heat pump. Last winter we had only several days where it got above freezing. Our heat pump, many times could not keep up or almost constanly ran on auxiliary heat which is very expensive. We just aquired the Countryside 3502 insert to help the stuggling heat pump. We have a 3200 square foot home and the insert sits in a larger two story living room. It is November here and nights are dipping down to the freezing mark so we started using the stove. This is a dream come true! It heats the entire upstairs and the majority of the downstairs with only the help of a slow turning ceiling fan to even out the heating. The only room that stays a little cool is our bedroom which is perfect for our liking. We don't have the thermastat feature on ours. We have manually set it to run between the low and medium settings (#1 and #2)and the heat pump hasn't kicked on yet! I can't wait until it gets really cold to try the higher recomended setting (#3). My heat pump may never turn on!!!

-- Shawn Kappner

I Love my MagnuM Countryside stove. I saved all my costs the first year and the stove has more than paid for itself in saving me on heating my home! I love it so much I just today purchased another MagnuM Countryside to heat my shop! Thanks for a great product I love!

-- Bob Gattermeir

I have recently sold my home in which I had one of your biomass stoves which was one of the best investments I have ever made, it's a great stove. In six years it never cost me a penny outside of the fuel that I used in it. When I move to my new residence I want to purchase another one of your stoves!

-- Tom H.

I love my Magnum ZC fireplace. Very efficient. I found you by Googling high efficiency wood burning stoves. After comparing products, I purchased your fireplace 5 years ago when we built our retirement home. My son is building a new home and will be contacting you soon to purchase a Magnum ZC based on seeing and using ours. Thanks.

-- Frank B.

Hello, I saw the in-house photos on your nice website, and thought I'd send in mine. I bought it back in 2005 from Wood and Son's Corn Bin in Williamston, MI. Couldn't be happier so far. The joy the family gets out of seeing the fire in the winter is indescribable! Thanks so much for a great product!

-- Andy George

This is our second season using the Magnum Countryside insert. It successfully heats our 2,200 sq.ft. home comfortably at a #2 or #3 setting. We burn only corn in the biomass firepot in which we place a loop of wire at the bottom to make the twice a day clinker removal easy. Used 5 ton of corn our first season which amounted to a $1,700 savings over fuel oil. Thanks for a well built efficient stove.

-- Wayne & Bev

Just had a 3500L installed. Replaced my 6500 MagnuM with Countryside and love it. The basement is 1170 square foot and it's toasty down there. The first floor is also nice and warm. Second floor is little cool but i like it that way for sleeping much better. I've got the gold door and air shield and does it look good. Very easy to clean and operate is also a breeze. thank you; Doug Temperance, mi.


Just an update on an old testimonial. Going on ten years with your stove and STILL going strong. Little to no problem. Corn up somewhat from years ago but still a HUGE savings per year. Our only problem now is the propane companies trying to charge a extra fee for NOT using a minimum amount of their product. Will get around that tho. Keep up the good work. Thanks again, Del & Pattie Carr

-- Del Carr

See what our dealer's customers are saying about our products... "Our new pellet stove heats our house so well that we still haven't touched a drop of heating oil! It also provides a great cozy atmosphere on those chilly nights. The installation crew was extremely friendly and knowledgeable and after giving us a detailed lesson on how to operate our new stove, cleaned up everything so you would never know anyone was even there. Very happy with the entire experience!" www.pelletstoveusa.com

-- Valued Customer

See what our dealer's customers are saying about our products... "Thank you so much Pellet Stove USA for your excellent customer service and quick and professional installation. Our house is actually warm and comfortable and I don't need a blanket to watch my television programs at night!! This is definitely a great alternative to paying for oil, and I like the idea that it's helping the environment as well. Beautiful product, install team was excellent polite, neat, courteous!" www.pelletstoveusa.com

-- Valued Customer

See what our dealer's customers are saying about our products... "We Love our new BC-AC Pellet Stove. The crew was very efficient and professional. They took the time to explain the installation process as well as the instructions for the stove. They thoroughly cleaned up after the installation was completed. Our pellet stove is keeping us very warm and will be a great savings to our family budget this winter! Thanks for everything!" www.pelletstoveusa.com

-- Valued Customer

See what our dealer's customers are saying about our products... "We are so happy with our new WIN-ACI insert stove! You really were able to provide information up front and answer all our questions. The crew was professional, informative and really knew what they were doing. We are looking forward to a warm toasty winter! Thanks for everything!" www.pelletstoveusa.com

-- Valued Customer

See what our dealers customers are saying about our products... "Some time in the early days of October my wife Dorothy and I decided to explore the possibility of making a purchase of a pellet stove. I researched the various products on the market and decided that for costs and reputation the Magnum Pellet stove would be the best one for us. At about the same time, I was in the Portland, Maine Home Depot and saw the promotional display advertising the Magnum insert pellet stove Pellet Stove U.S.A. I was familiar with the Shed U.S.A and knew that they held a good reputation for product and the install process. I bought the insert pellet stove at Home Depot and followed up with the particulars of the purchase and the install procedures with the Portsmouth, New Hampshire office of Pellet Stove U.S.A My conversations with the Pellet Stove USA Customer Service Representative at that office were positive from the start. She took the order we made and followed up with satisfactory answers to every inquiry that I made. Her customer support was perhaps the best I have ever had on a purchase. We had the stove installed about two weeks after purchase and just about the cold weather was setting in Maine. The installers did everything down to starting up the pellet stove to be sure that all systems were functioning perfect. We are so glad that we made the purchase of our pellet stove through the Portsmouth office of Pellet Stove U.S.A It would please me to recommend the Magnum pellet stove and Pellet Stove USA to others" www.pelletstoveusa.com

-- Valued Customer

(submitted with permission by the Defayette's, customers of Revolution Heating Products since 2008) "Laura, Thank you so much for helping us during this purchase. You (RHP) are wonderful to work with! Aimie & Jerry, Morrisonville, NY

-- Aimie Defayette

We purchased our Magnum Countryside stove from Brubaker Corn Stove Heating (Climax, Michigan) about 5 years ago. We have since sold the home that we had originally purchased it for, but we would NOT allow the buyer of our home to purchase the stove (as she tried to do with our sales contract). We moved the stove into our new home 2 years ago and Brubaker came out to install it. We installed it into our basement, and with help of a box fan, we blow the warm air up to the living level of our new ranch home. Our floors are radiantly warm, and the living spaces are warm and comfortable. If we had installed it on the main level we would have been way too hot since this little stove just works and works and works! This is the first year we will have to replace our fuel stirrer, and this stove has been virtually maintenance free. We just perform the weekly cleaning of the exchangers, door, and firepot and that is that. If I had a complaint to make it would only be that I wish the byproduct was not a thin film of black soot on surfaces down in the basement. That is such a minimal thing compared to the benefits of using this source of heat though. The winter air smells like popcorn, and our house is so cozy. I would buy or recommend this stove to anyone! This stove paid for itself years ago with the savings of buying corn versus propane!!

-- Neil and Sue Farrell

Just want to say the Countryside stove keeps us warm even in our big old drafty house!!! It's our primary source of heat all winter, and it even LOOKS nice in our central Family Room. I miss the fireplace from my childhood home, and being able to see the flames warms me inside as well as out. The Countryside paid for itself in savings the first year, and continues to keep our heating costs down. It has it all...lower cost, ease of use!! Thanks for your service...

-- Holly Harz

My wife & I have been talking about the rising cost of fuel prices this year and how it was going to affect us this year. While walking at the Franklin County Fair, Patty & I came upon Rick & Laura Chapmans booth (Revolution Heating Products). We had a lot of questions & concerns and Laura was very eager to help us. It didn't take us very long to decide that the Winchester pellet stove was going to be heating our home this winter. The size of the stove is perfect and it heats both floors of our home. We like to see the flame that the stove shows while burning. Our animals love the heat (so does Patty). The pellet stove doesn't bother my wifes asthma like a wood stove would. No wood to cut. No expensive chimney to buy. The cost of the pellets is very affordable compared to the cost of fuel oil and it doesn't take any time to clean & load the pellet stove. I also like the idea that we will not be going broke trying to heat our home this year and the years to come. Our new pellet stove should pay for itself within the 1st year of its use. I like the fact that I can drive locally and talk face to face with a local business and get answers to my questions. That means a lot to Patty & I. Thanks to Rick & Laura Chapman (Revolution Heating products) for making our winter more enjoyable this year.

-- Tony & Patty Clark

We bought our Essex pellet stove in January of 2005 and I must say it is the best investment we could have made. This stove has a battery backup connection in the event of a power failure. We love this stove. It provides comfortable heat and with little maintenance. Rick & Laura are great to deal with. And the service is fantastic. Thank you very much Rick & Laura.

-- Bob Reil

We purchased the Winchester and had it installed in September to replace our wood stove. Where my husband sits for supper it is now too hot for him to sit there. We placed it the same spot as the wood stove. We are getting great heat and love the convenience of just filling it once for the day...We have enjoyed working with Rick and Laura and have told many friends and family about the stove. It was a good choice to install the pellet stove and look forward to using it this winter.

-- Leonard and Donna Bowen

I purchased a Magnum Baby Countryside from Richard Larsen the latter part of 2008 to supplement my gas heat. After using this stove for approximately 3 months, I realized I wanted to heat my whole house this way. Richard recommended upgrading to a Magnum Countryside and graciously switched my Magnum Baby with the larger stove. I have been extremely happy and very warm with this change. The services that Richard and his associates provided was excellent and done in a timely manner.I also love being able to use a renewable source of heat as well as saving money on my winter heating bill.

-- Rita Poynter

My husband and I purchased a pellet stove several years ago from Revolution Heating and have been very satisfied with our purchase. Recently, we were able to purchase and receive a ton of pellets although there seems to be a severe shortage at this time due to the recent rash of pellet stove purchases caused by the the high price of other fuel sources. Our pellets were delivered to us very quickly and your attention to us was greatly appreciated. Thank you.

-- Dennis & Mary Lou McCaffrey

My wife and I purchased our Magnum Winchester before the start of the 2008 heating season. We had just bought our first house the year before and were floored on the amount of money we spent on fuel oil. With a new baby in the house it is very important to keep our house nice & toasty warm. Well our new pellet stove has done just that and more. We have already saved money and will continue to save money. We can't believe the amount of heat the stove puts out!! This stove has fulfilled our expectations and surpassed them. And the customer service we have received has been great, the gentlemen that installed it were quick, efficient and professional. They showed us how to operate our stove and answered any question we had. Having never owned or operated a pellet stove myself I was full of questions. Laura & Rick answered all of them. I would highly recommend Revolution Heating Products for all your pellet stove needs.

-- Matt Maneely

We purchased a Magnum Countryside stove from Richard Larsen of Corn Heat for the Bluegrass, had Richard install it and it is working great. It will heat my entire 2000 square foot home and our heat pump never kicks on. We stay a warm 74 degrees on the #2 heat setting when outside temps are at freezing! I have since installed the bio-mass fuel pot and am burning a pellet corn mix. It looks great in the room as well. One more point-- Richards service after the install is second to none. Jim and Kathy Branham Lexington, KY

-- Jim Branham

I purchased the insert version of the Countryside Magnum and have been very pleased with its ease of use and reliabilty. I have been burning exclusively corn this winter, it is -19 C (2 F) outside, and the stove has already saved me 60 % in Oil costs. Quiet, easy lighting and very user friendly. Well done. I am probably going to buy a 2nd Countryside for the south end of my house next season.

-- Mike P

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our Magnum ZC fireplace! This unit has exceeded our expectations regarding its quality, performance and appearance. Since installation, our LP furnace has not run at all. The fireplace keeps our 2000 square foot Northern Minnesota home well over 70 degrees, even when it has been 30 below zero. Although we are burning predominately softwood (aspen, some birch), we have enough coals in the morning to start a new fire.

-- Kirk Stover

The Winchester is working really well! Burning corn as my neighbor has a dryer and is selling to me at $5.50 a bushel, very clean, minimal red skin and minimal debris. It burns really well! At the lowest setting #1 and auger trim lowest, it keeps the house warm at night and generally setting #2 keeps the house good during the day with the occasional #3 setting to blast a bit of heat. A bushel is lasting me approximately 1-1/2 days using this method and my oil furnace is only used for 1/2 an hour on the mornings when the outside temperature below -4C and we need a quick blast of heat. I'll be going out to look for a gravity wagon tonight so I can buy the corn in bulk load from neighbor!

-- Daryl King

We are very pleased with our Baby Countryside biomass stove we purchased in November 2006. Dave and Theresa Wood (Wood & Sons Corn Bin, Williamston, Michigan)have always been very helpful to us from sales to service. Just this week Dave correctly determined the cause of poor corn burning with my stove; he then made adjustments to our firepot which completely fixed our problem. A BIG thanks to Dave and Theresa and to Magnum for a great product and support after sales !!! Gary and Karen Meloeny

-- Gary and Karen Meloeny

My wife and I have purchased a Winchester for our cellar and T-40 magnum for our sun room from Revolution Heating in Malone New York. The personal attention to us is second to none. Rick and Laura Chapman are a pleasure to deal with in service and total over all sales of their products. They are local people, serving their customers. Thanks again BUTCH & BONNIE LAMAY

-- Butch and Bonnie LaMay

I received my furnace and had it installed. I know now that i made the right choice. I fired the furnace up on heat setting 3 in semi cool weather, and had to shut it down after an hour. (it was 65 Deg. outside, and 78 Deg. inside.) Your Factory workers and Designers did a fantastic job. This stove will pay for itself in two years worth of heating, and because it can burn corn we are helping to lower pollution. (in a small amount but every little bit helps right?) The furnace is put together very nicely, and is pleasing to the eye also. I wish to thank you for your help Shelly and thanks AES for putting out a great product. Thanks again

-- The Thaxter Family

I recently purchased a Magnum Countryside stove from LGM Enterprises in Mifflintown, PA. We looked long and hard at stoves and the decision was without question a Magnum Countryside due to the looks of the stove, operation, and reviews. One of our biggest factors in our purchase was the dealer, being that we are new to this. Larry Metzler of LGM Enterprises was without question one of the nicest men I have met. He put up with a lot of questioning over and over. He was also full of answers to every question we asked him. I have and will continue to recommend him to anyone looking at biomass stoves. Chad S

-- chad Schreiber

We are so impressed by you and how your company stands behind its products and customers. Le has made a couple of adjustments as suggested by Mike and we have seen an improvement on the blow out issue. We haven't had a real "test" wind yet but the stove does not shut down now when the wind is N/NW at low velocity and when we open the door to remove the clinker. Thank you so much for the parts and we hope to see no more need for the propane heater. Le thinks that all of Mike's suggestions are great. We will install the new parts and see before we take any more of Mike's time. If you need any testimonials about your product, we'll be more than happy to provide them and/or show them our unit. The way you back up your customers is unique in the sea of stove manufacturers.

-- Min & Le .

Thank you for such prompt delivery. We received our replacement fire-pot and it seems to be doing very well. Again Thank you for such fast service.

-- Loretta Stinnett

We are very happy with our MagnuM. Last year we spent over $1400 on propane to heat our 1800sq ft home. This year we will cut our heating bill to less than $350! I wish I knew out about MagnuM sooner!

-- Tood & Karen Hutter

We enjoy our MagnuM amazing heat easy cleaning even with corn prices up we will save over $2000 on heating our home! I would recommend a great MagnuM product to anyone who wants to be warm this winter

-- Paul & Joani Piepkorn

Our house is warmer burning corn in our MagnuM than when we were using oil. We love watching the fire & we are not polluting the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels. There is no downside to a MagnuM!

-- David Roberts

AES has my vote for a well made and $ saving product. I bought my first stove in Feb 07 and a 2nd in Mar 07 to heat our house. The $ we have saved this heating season alone is great. Thanks AES!

-- Dale Layman

We love our pellet stove and its ease of operation. Loading the pellets is a breeze. So little clean up & very inconspicuous venting system and no odor. Thank you for helping us make a wise decision!

-- Bob & Muriel Robert

We purchased a Countryside stove in Mid January. After a couple months we figured out that we cut our fuel oil usage by 3 gallons/day and only using 1.5 bags of wood pellets. At the current price of oil it is an estimated savings of 4-5 dollars/day. Plus we are keeping sections of a our house a lot warmer than we were able to do before. With the way the prices of oil are going these days, it definitely was a great purchase.

-- Dominic Gaurin

To all of you at AES, I just want to say you have my vote on making a well made and $ saving product. When i was growing up we heated with a wood burning stove, I always hated to cut,split,stack then re-stack the wood, not alone hauling out all the ashes. I bought my first stove in Feb 07 then a 2nd stove in Mar 07 to heat the whole house. Knowing what I know now I wish I would have had a bio-Furnace put in when we built the house. The $ we have saved this heating season alone is a great savings. To all that do not own a AES Bio-Mass stove buy one you will not regret it. Thanks AES

-- Dale Layman

(excerpts from testimonial dated 10/23/07 to Revolution Heating with permission by customer):"...We are both in our seventies so didn't want to go back to wood with all its inherent problems. A new separate chimney, storage, and clean up. ...We were especially impressed that a pellet stove would fit almost any place in our home and didn't involve a separate chimney or special wiring. The pellets could be stored in a corner of our garage, a ton at a time, in forty pound bags, something I could manage. ...After making the decision to purchase a pellet stove, the delivery and installation was done in a very professional manner and in the time frame agreed upon. ...We love our pellet stove and its ease of operation. It is so clean. Loading the pellets is a breeze. So little clean up and no ashes to worry about. No unsightly oil drum, a very inconspicuous venting system and no odor. ...Thank you both so much. You helped us make a very wise decision. ...we look forward to a continued relationship.

-- Bob & Muriel Robert

Mike - you are like the Bill Gates of heating! The Czar of Bio and the King of wood burning!

-- Jim Engbloom, WCCO Radio

We have country side magnum. Love it. Your safety measures work. Ran the stove on higher setting than they said we could, stove got hot, shutdown and restarted with no problem. Had a diff. stove 2yrs ago, nowhere close to being as good it keeps this old farm house warm.

-- lee horton

We purchased a Magnum Countryside. We don't even turn on our other heat! If you don't have a magnum bio-fuel stove then you are throwing your money away! What a superbly engineered product!

-- Pete Raskovic

We just love our stove! We have a house that is 1500sq ft and it heats all of it. Our living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, all stays in the 80s range.

-- Rick & Wendy Kocik

Thank you to everyone at AES you are always cheerful helpful & ready to assist. It is a good feeling to provide one of the necessities of life that is a good investment & provides savings to everyone.

-- L.G.M. Enterprises - MagnuM 5 Star Dealer

We purchased our MagnuM 7500 Furnace. This will be our fifth trouble free year heating 100% corn. The steady heat is remarkable. We are never going back to the LP gas furnace!

-- Jim & Kathy Rosenstangel



Thank you for all the people in your organization, they are always cheerful, helpful and ready to assist. That which we all rely on: a good company, good people, a top product, well made and well presented all spells success. It is a good feeling to provide on of the necessities of life that is a good investment, cost saving and an asset.

-- Laurence Metzler - L.G.M. Enterprises

We just love our stove!! Rick and I think this is the best stove out there.(((IT ROCKS))) We have a house that is 1500sq ft and it heats all of it. It is a little cooler in our basement, but we don't think that's bad. Our living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, all stay in the 80s range our bed rooms stay in the 70s and that is much better; as before it was in the 60 range. The Baby Countryside is only set on number 2, so now we set it to number 1 so its not so hot. I just can't believe how wonderful this stove heats. We were at friends the other day and they have a pellets stove and there house is about our size, they had there fan on number 7 and the heat number was 5 and it was very chilly in there home.

-- Rick and Wendy Kocik

Thanks, got my new firepot today. Will install this weekend when I will be around to watch it. Just wanted you to know that this stove is just the ticket. I bought it (3500p) used 3 years ago and I wish everyone had one. Several of my friends and family had in excess $500 utility bills this month while mine was $210. With the $ I am saving this winter I bought me a new 46" LCD TV. Stick that in your stove and smoke it!

-- Jim Lohmeyer

We just had our stove installed in October of 2007. We love it! It heats great and the flame is so relaxing to look at. We have saved already on fuel and would recommend it for anyone. We have a farm and dry our own corn, so we have really saved quite a bit. We rave about this stove to all our corn customers. We purchased our stove from Revolution Heating Products in Malone NY and they have been really great to deal with and did a good job installing our stove.

-- Sylvia & Gary Duquette

I purchased my Magnum Countryside from Denny Hanson over 4 years ago. It is a very good unit. I recently had an inspector out and he had heard nothing but good things about Magnum products and was impressed with the stove once he saw it!

-- Russell .

Just wanted to take time out to let you all know that we have seen a dramatic improvement in all aspects of service from American Energy Systems. Questions are answered in a timely manner. Warranty parts actually are sent very quickly as well as RMA's given out in a timely fashion. Orders are inputted quickly and parts are actually shipped right away. All of these support actions make us look very good. Dave I would like to say "Thank you" and let you all know that we appreciate your efforts to keep us crankin!

-- Wood & Sons Corn Bin LLC

We have a 135-year old restored farmhouse. Our heating costs were well over $2000.00 per season and growing with the increased cost of propane. Late last season we purchased our Magnum Countryside. It keeps our house so toasty warm on the coldest Wisconsin nights and our kids love it because the house is truly warm and comfy all the time. In the morning they gather around the stove to awaken before school. The best part of it all is that we don't even turn on our heat! If you don't have a magnum bio-fuel stove, then you are throwing your money away! They are great and we are going to add another in the new addition that we are building next summer. What a superbly engineered product!

-- Keystone Farm LLC, Pete Raskovic

Thank you for all the possible helpful answers to my stove dilemma. Al Rose from Bridgewater Farm came down and took the entire stove apart and cleaned it out thoroughly. The fire box under the pot we noticed had a flap on the back side that was never opened. We pulled some lever that was attached to it and Al felt something moving and opened it up. That had to have been the problem all this time because now it is running just perfectly. Thank you for you help Al was a great help and never gave up on trying to solve the mystery. He did a great job as servicing as a dealer for your stove and following through until I was a satisfied customer.

-- Pamela .

We love our new "Baby", and we love America. The stove is made in America, we have been burning wood pellets recycled from American industry by-products by American workers. As I write this I am burning a hopper of corn grown by a local farmer here in the good old USA. Our house is warmer than when we burned oil, we love watching the fire, and we are not polluting the atmosphere burning fossil fuels or supporting foreign regimes who would rather see us dead. On top of all this, we are saving money!! Everyone we have talked to at American Energy Systems has been helpful and friendly. There is really no downside to this purchase.

-- David Roberts

We purchased our MagnuM 7500 four years ago. This will be our fifth trouble free year to be heating 100% by corn. It is going right now as I write this , the cold weather arrived early this year in the thumb of Michigan. It was 15 degrees on November 26! The steady heat is remarkable. Kathy says we are never going back to the LP gas furnace. We keep our house at about 75 degrees all winter compared with about 68 with the LP. The Grand kids love it too. It's always warmer at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Thanks for making a wonderful furnace. I recommend this furnace to all my friends every chance I get. thanks again.

-- Jim & Kathy Rosenstangel

We have had our Magnum stove from Revolution Heating in Malone, NY for two seasons now. We're impressed by the efficiency - we barely touched our fuel oil at all (the oil company isn't really happy with us!). We highly recommend this heating system to anyone who wants to save some money. Rick and Laura are great to work with and provide the best service around.

-- T and M Howard

We put a Countryside 7500 furnace in our home last year. We are very happy with the furnace. We have it connected to our existing furnace. The natural gas furnace never has to kick in. We have been running the 7500 on the lowest setting and it keeps our home around 70 degrees. Countryside stoves are by far the best I have seen. I am planning on putting a 3500 series in my 36x50 insulated shop. We have saved a ton of money in just the first year of use.

-- Todd .

We purchased our Magnum baby corn stove 2 years ago in Verndale Minnesota from Johnson's plumbing and heating. Very informative about the stove, had all the piping and accessories. We enjoy our baby corn stove, nice heat, easy cleaning, and even with corn prices up we still are saving $2000 a year on heating alone. You don't have the mess of wood, the cost of fuel oil, and fuel can be bought from one of your neighbors. I would recommend a stove for anyone who wants to be warm this winter. This little stove heats my old farm house all winter, the fuel oil furnace is only used when it gets down to 10 below. Great product, I would buy from again but this has been working with no problems since new.

-- Paul & Joani Piepkorn

I purchased a Magnum Baby Countryside From Revolution Heating Products In November of 2005. The service I received from this company was excellent. I would recommend burning corn to anyone in the north country. There are more BTUs in corn than wood pellets. The "Baby" Countryside stove offers a very warm cozy atmosphere to any home. The savings on my fuel oil bill are also great.

-- Tom Randall

We purchased our Baby Countryside from Revolution Heating Products in Malone, NY. We are very happy with the service we received when we had the system installed and all the questions that have arisen since. We have only had one small problem with our firepot that Mr. Chapman came out to our house immediately and fixed. When it is -30 degrees outside yet 65-70 inside(on only setting 2-3) we know we did something right. Although, I knew I wanted a corn stove I did not expect the expertise, quality workmanship and compassion that came from such professional owners. I would and have referred them many times.

-- Andrea & Shawn .

The Chapmans at Revolution Heating Products are great people to deal with. We love the pellet stove. Highly recommend their business to others.

-- Michael Heath

I recently purchased one of the new Winchester stoves from L.G.M. Enterprises in Central Pennsylvania. I have had the stove for about a month now and it has been wonderful. The stove heats up the main floor of our house quickly and then we turn the stove to a lower setting and it keeps the house nice and warm. It is easy to clean and was easy to install. It has really help ed our homes dependence on oil and the hurting oil has put on our budget at its current prices. I recommend this product to anyone.

-- Todd Tabb

My Baby is over a year old and is PHENOMENAL! With the cool fall nights, the lowest setting heats my entire home. I have great success mixing approved fuels; this stove is a MUST HAVE, especially if you have access to these plentiful fuels.

-- Scott Christy

We purchased the Magnum Baby Countryside in 2006 from Revolution Heating,Malone,N.Y. Now we are entering our second year of heating our home with corn. The oil backup is for extreme below zero weather. The stove is dark green with an attractive base. It provides the comfort of wood heat without the mess of ashes,etc. It is environmentally friendly and puts the money in the hands of farmers instead of big oil. We also purchased the battery backup which got use last Thanksgiving-we were unaware our power was out as the transition was smooth. We erected a vinyl shed on a cement base for corn storage and have had no problems with rodents. The Chapmans provide prompt and excellent service.

-- Bob and Sharon Regan

My baby countryside is such a gem. The warmth and comfort it provides is amazing. The savings in my fuel oil costs last winter was unbelievable. The service I have received from Revolution Heating has been superb.

-- Deborah Fitzpatrick

We have a full heating season behind us with our Baby Countryside. I'm very satisfied with its performance, and the service of our dealer in Malone NY. This is an excellent product with very dependable performance once you have some experience behind you. Dealer backup for new stove owners is key.

-- Murray Beidler

Our T40 was installed in December of the 2005 heating season by Revolution Heating Products in Malone, NY. The kitchen location not only made the kitchen cozy, but managed to warm the first floor and radiate warmth up to the second floor. The stove is easy to operate and wonderful to watch. The oil furnace didn't turn on except while we were in Florida - and we looked forward to returning to our cozy home! The service we received was, and still is, exceptional.

-- Irene Dumas

We just bought a house that has a corn burning stove in it and just got to use it a bit. It is the countryside. After I got more familiar with how to start and run it,I really like how well it works. We are very impressed with it.

-- Dion .

We have just had our Magnum Countryside installed and we have used it a few times when it gets chilly. It is so nice, We can't wait to experience the savings that we are told we will reap. Everyone who has seen it are surprised at how beautiful and well built they are. We are definitely happy with our purchase. We are glad that it takes the money out of the oil company's hands and gives it to those who truly deserve it. The American Farmer!. We hope that everyone will consider the purchase and all the benefits. We are happy with the service that Orrick and Laura Chapman have bestowed upon us, and encourage others to reach out and feel the warmth.

-- Kris and Rebecca Provost

To Whom It May Concern: Just a note to tell you how much my wife and I enjoy our Magnum Model 3528 fire place. We feel we are getting the best of a wood burning stove and the beauty of a fireplace. We can enjoy the view of the fire burning with the warmth of an efficient wood burning stove. I especially like the large fire box allowing me the ability to use larger pieces of wood. Thank you for producing a quality product. L. & A. Talley Litchfield, MN

-- L. Talley

I purchased my Magnum Countryside last year to heat my 1800 square foot farm house.I was able to heat my entire home this past season for $680 bucks. I saved over $1300 in my normal fuel oil bill!! American Energy Systems produces the best quality stoves I've seen on the market today! Thats why I made the choice to purchase the countryside. More homes in America should heat with corn stoves to support our country's farmers and cut dependency from foreign oil companies.

-- Scott A. Thurber

I just spoke to Doug at the Corn Crib in Farwell, that company sure has been helpful and it has always been easy to ask them questions and get straight answers. I really do appreciate your help. I am almost at the senior citizens door step in life and don't have a lot of money saved, so when i heard the advertisements I thought the stove would be wonderful - it is thanks to you folks! I have a roaring fire in my stove just like the pictures! (Geesh, if you lives anywhere near me I think I would deliver cookies!)

-- Lee .

We wanted to tell you how much we enjoy the Magnum Baby Countryside Stove that we purchased from Western Harvest Heat, thanks to Mark Richardson & Leonard Wright. We visited their show room in Irricana, Alberta and were immediately impressed with seeing the different stoves on display and running. We really like the versatility, the appearance and the efficiency of the stoves and furnaces. To top off our experience we received excellent assistance from Mark and Leonard, who answered all our questions and more! Four days after visiting them, they arrived with our Baby Countryside (in Honey Glow Brown) and in no time we could feel the heat from our new stove. We were thrilled that they had our choice in stock and that they were able to deliver and install it so quickly. We are happy to be burning with wheat, rye and wood pellets, and the heat certainly keeps our house and family warm all day long. Just last week we had a concern with our stove, we called Western Harvest Heat, and it was fixed very quickly. We greatly appreciate the service we have received from Mark and Leonard, and have been recommending them and the Magnum brand of stoves to everyone we know. We are planning to have a second Magnum product either the 6500 or 7500 Furnace in our shop in the near future and eagerly look forward to our dealings with Mark and Leonard again. Thank you for an excellent product and terrific representation by Western Harvest Heat. Sincerely, Dave & Corrie Fisher

-- Dave & Corrie Fisher

This is just a note to thank you. The new fan for my Baby Magnum works fantastic. Much quieter and moves more air. With this cold weather snap using this to heat 2000 square foot ranch home and doing a great job. Thank you for your help. I will recommend an AES stove to anyone wanting one. Thanks Dennis

-- Dennis Richcreek

I have grown tired of spending $1500.- $2,000 per season heating our old farm house with LP. Even with the higher corn costs this year, I'm sure I will cut the bill in half. The Baby Countryside installed by Badger Burner has made our home warmer then ever. The dogs' spend hours laid out in front of it. Keep up the good designs.

-- Larry Hoeft

Just to let you know how well we like our Countryside corn Stove. We bought it 5 years ago and just love it! We live in an old remodeled farm house somewhere around 1700 sq ft. Our 5 year history for heating our home with corn is is about $300-$350/ per month. It is probably the Best investment we ever made. Thanks for a great Product. Ron

-- Gloria

We raise mini schnauzer puppies in our home here in Versailles Kentucky. We love the heat our countryside puts out to keep the temperature up where we need it to be warm. It keeps our floors and house warm for all these little guys and girls growing up. We love to roll the blanket out on the floor near the Countryside and watch the fire glowing and play with our pups. We have been telling everyone we can here in Kentucky about these wonderful stoves and the heat they produce at a lessor cost.

-- Richard Larsen

Greatest thing since apple pie.... I heat my home, garage,and soon a greenhouse 12 X 48 in the winter. it is going to lower my heating bills by at least 2000.00 a year. Thanks John Hensley 812-460-4226

-- John Hensley

In 2004 we built a new home over 2600 sq. ft. We placed one of your stoves in our home. We purchased it from Dr. Lee's Stove Shop, and wow what a great investment to our home budget - we save lots of money in the winter and stay warm to!!!!!!!!! Thank You very much Dr. Lee and the Magnum team!

-- Matt &Janna Gross

I am feeling particularly grateful to you and AES this moment, and thought maybe I should tell you about it . . . because it validates our choice of AES as the company we would sell. You see, we chose AES based on two reasons separate from the quality product you have a reputation for producing. Reason 1: you have provided us with a mentor who advises us and is helping us to make wise choices in running the business. I personally value the fact that Ken is running his own shop and can provide me with advice based on his own business experience. So far he has been helpful in advising us on advertising strategy, product mix, even quantity of product to order. His discussion of his own experience in selling people who think they want the furnace has been invaluable. And today he was able to help me solve a technical problem in a real-world way. We have been talking to Cory about it several times, and he had led me through a series of possibilities. But our demo Furnace (which heats our carriage house) was still going out every 6 hours. So I called Ken. He said, "yes, I know about that. Here's how to keep it going until you can take apart the Gate and get it readjusted. And here's the best way to take the gate apart without getting into trouble . . ." Reason 2: of all the manufacturers we talked with, AES is the only one which told us "if you don't take the training course, you won't be a dealer". We have had experience with our previous company of "buy this many and you are a dealer". It is a tough way to learn the business. Yours is a much better way to assure thriving dealerships. So many thanks for providing us with an Ohio mentor. And many thanks for doing business in a righteous way. Regards Brian Eastman

-- Pastor Brian Eastman

We bought our Countryside stove 3 years ago. My mom and her husband heated their 5 bedroom home in the plains of S. Dakota with one and loved it. We were struggling with heating bills that were $150.00/month. And decided a stove was for us. We live on a small farmette so storing corn was the least of our concerns. Needless to say we love it and love the money we have saved. I can't tell you how many people have come to visit our home just to see the stove and feel how warm our house is. We host most of the winter family gatherings because our house is the warmest! I could not recommend the stove any more highly.

-- . engelbarts

Before we started heating with corn, our fuel bill for the winter of 2004/05 was a staggering $ 2,562. Now we are just as comfortable for a lot less money. Our heating bill totaled $ 1,008 for the winter of 2005/06. Now that is comforting! Quite likely the best investment you'll ever make.

-- John Schultz

We bought the Magnum 7500 last summer, with hopes of cutting are LP gas bill in 1/2. I even had higher hopes that we wouldn't use any. Well at the beginning of the season we had 65% in a 500 gallon tank, it's still at 60%( about$30). Let me also mention we are heating a 2500 square foot older home and a 1000 square foot garage, the unit keeps it all at 70 degrees. I will say that it's not like you're going to light the furnace in the fall and turn it off in the spring. It does take a few minutes out of every day to maintain it. I consider it a bit like a part time job, only this one pays way more then any part time job I've ever heard of. Our yearly heat bill went from $2000 to about $450 per year. You can't make that bagging groceries!!

-- Craig & Diane .

I have my corn Burner since 2001!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! any questions e mail me!!!

-- Jim Zwerican

I have always been interested in saving money, especially when it's my own.I live on a 8 acre farmette, old house ,wife, kids and lots of four legged critters. I don't like paying high heating bills, and this winter sounded like it would really break my piggy bank. I had seen corn burning stoves at the local Boone County fair, and was always intrigued with them. I went through the '70s and the Arab oil embargo which caused the first lines at gas pumps. Heating oil jumped to record prices. Of course I had heating oil! I didn't want to go broke heating the house that winter, so I got a wood stove. I had the dead trees to cut up into logs. I had to split, and stack, carry in, load the stove,keep checking it, dump full ash pans daily, and do it every day. It got us through, and we saved money at the cost of a lot of time spent servicing the needs of the stove. That's fine for the 1800's, but I don't want to make a career of it. My savings came from sweat equity, which I was glad to put in in my younger days. Fast forwarding, I am located near Illinois number two city, but am on the fringe of farm country. This is a perfect location for a corn burner, and for getting corn.I bought my first Countryside Corn Stove this October. It's a beauty in blue with a nickel plated door. It's doing what I had planned for it to do. It is heating the whole house. We've already had a few below zero days which is unusual in December. My corn burner keeps us warm, and gives me the satisfaction that the gas company (who doesn't need my money as much as I do) won't be sending me gas bills I'll struggle to pay. It's turned out to be my "toy". I love cleaning and loading it. My family and I really love it. We hope we can become dealers because we believe in it so much, and it helps the farmers find a new market for their grain. I'll bet the farm community hasn't found a new market for its crops in a long time. Here's one! Thanks to AES for making such a good solid dependable unit.

-- Pat Barrett

We just bought our Countryside insert stove about 2 weeks ago for our 2 story 2,000 sq. ft. home. The furnace has not turned on for the last 10 days or so! Tonight it is 26 degrees outside and 69 degrees upstairs in my wife's and my bedroom! We are not even running the forced air furnace fan to distribute the heat better. I could not be more thrilled! I am just anxious to see how much money we save. I must also say that the heat just feels warmer than equivalent temperatures with the gas forced air furnace. The fact that the stove is in the fireplace also gives us the greatest warmth in the family room where we gather as a family and then slightly cooler temperatures in the bedrooms for sleeping. That is opposite to the usual situation with our home where the upstairs are warmer in the summer and warmer in the winter because the heat is, in effect, preferentially delivered and rises to the second floor and leaves the family room a little cooler. I am rather nitpicky about these details. I am a professional and I expect things to work. I could not be happier with the stove. I am having a new office building set up for my practice and I am hoping to have the Magnum 7500 added to the heating system of the building. I would be quite happy to answer any questions should anyone wish to send me an e-mail. Thank you American Energy! One less homeowner sending money to the oil producers overseas. May God bless America!

-- S. Watson

This stove is the Mercedes and VW bug of stoves. They are rugged, efficient, beautiful, yet simple and reliable in design and build. The countryside stove in the only stove I have seen that is specifically designed to burn pellets, corn, or cherry pits etc. Other stoves claim to burn other fuels but do a poor job and are really, just regular pellet stoves.

-- John Repass

We would like to let you know how satisfied we are with our corn furnace. Jeff in Aberdeen South Dakota is a pleasure to deal with. So was Wes. We are from Washington State and have always had wood stoves. While hearing about corn stoves we then found out about the furnaces. We now have a beautiful furnace hooked up in our basement and to all our original duct work system. We have two floors plus the basement. On our first few days we had to open the front door and the back door and a couple of windows plus both ceiling fans going. It was 45 degrees outside. Nippy outside but warm inside on all floors. We cannot believe how well this furnace works. We got the estimated total cost to heat our house when the previous owner had it and it was going to cost $1000 for one season. We are looking at around $400 or less with the corn furnace. Please let people know more. If I would have know about this in Washington I would have gotten one of these units instead of wood. Both of us are handicapped and this is so much easier and cheaper.

-- Dave & Deb Houle

I saw my first Countryside stove burning at a friend of a friend's house, Loved It. I saw my second stove running at our local dealer, Loved it even more. The third time I saw one running was the one I installed in my own home! My wife was a bit skeptical at first, but once she saw it in operation, she was hooked. Her first comment was how much more "real" the flame was compared to gas. I also have a lot of people that request to see it that are curious about it. I'm so glad I didn't go with wood or gas.

-- Dennis .

We bought our Countryside Corn Stove in Dec. 2002. Since then we have heated our 1600 square foot home with nothing but that stove. Our house is toasty warm and we enjoy watching the fire. We had thought about a wood stove, but now we're so glad we discovered the corn stove! Our heating cost has been under $150 this winter. We leave it on all the time and it's wonderful to come home to a warm house. We live in a farming community and now we're supporting our neighbors by buying corn rather than depending on foreign oil. It's a good feeling. I'm also very impressed at how clean it is to burn corn. No dust and very little ash compared to wood. Thank you for making these great little stoves!

-- M. Caravello

Howdy Folks Just wanted to tell you folks that my wife and I are very pleased with the performance of our Magnum 7500 furnace...It's amazing how the thermostat controls the low pilot until the home demands heat...a great fuel saver.. I had spoken to Bill and Cory at the main office, they were very helpful in answering my questions ..the Michigan dealer, Jim Matuszak was also very helpful in answering my question and steering me in the right directions as far as who to contact for installation. Jim and his dealership at Colwood Enterprises are very knowledgeable people on all multi pellet stoves and furnaces..it's still too early to say what I will save on my heating bill, I know it will be great...Happy

-- Dan & Pat Winchester

Hello, We have had our stove 2 years and next to our house, this was THE best investment we have ever made. Dr Lee and his wife could not have been more patient with us on the ins and outs of our corn stove. This year corn was higher because of weather, but we will still be around $300 for the season. Would have been WELL over $1500 or higher with the harder winter with propane. Best part is, next fall, corn most likely will be back down in price. Will propane? I don't know, AND I don't care because I burn corn and love it. Thanks Dr. and Ms. Lee for keeping more of our money out of the oil companies hands,they have got ENOUGH... THINK CORN!!!! Del & Pattie Carr P.S. Now lets get to work on our cars. Anybody with me?

-- Del & Pattie Carr

We have had our Countryside cornstove for one year and WE LOVE IT! Our furnace has not come on at all this year and the house has stayed at an average temperature of 79. I believe it is easy to sell a product if you use it and you know it works, and I am proof of that.

-- Douglas .

I am very pleased with the Countryside Corn burning stove. It exceeded my expectations! ...and it's trouble free.

-- Gene Sandau

...I figure that with the cost of the corn and travel to get the corn, we have brought our average heating bill down $80./month and our home is more evenly heated. WE LIKE OUR CORNSTOVE

-- Terry & Emilee .

Mike Tidwell 7125 Willow Ave Takoma Park, MD 20912 301-270-3722/ mwtidwell@aol.com CORN-BURNING STOVES HELP MARYLAND CONSUMERS, FARMERS AND THE ENVIRONMENT Testimony in support of Maryland Senate Bill 43 An avalanche of scientific data now confirms that global warming is worsening rapidly, fueled by ever-increasing emissions of heat-trapping gases from human activities. Left unchecked, global warming could bring profound negative changes to America and the rest of the world within our lifetime, ushering in an era of social, agricultural and ecological chaos. Atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2), the main heat-trapping gas, is now at its highest levels for at least 400,000 years. CO2 is released whenever human beings burn coal, oil, natural gas, petroleum or other fossil fuels in order to create electricity, run cars or heat homes. An overwhelming majority of the world’s climatologists now agree that, in order to avoid the worst consequences of global warming, CO2 emissions must be dramatically cut between 70 and 80 percent below current levels within the next 50 years. Thus, a rapid switch to renewable, CO2-neutral energy must become a national and global priority. The burning of oil and natural gas to heat homes and businesses constitutes a major portion of this nation’s contribution to global warming. But increasingly Americans are turning to an exciting new energy that’s renewable and CO2-neutral to heat their homes: corn. Twelve years ago, ex-farmer Mike Haefner of Hutchinson, Minnesota, engineered the first ever corn–burning stove designed to heat modern homes. This relatively small and easy-to-install stove easily heats a two-thousand square foot home and can be attached to a thermostat for extra convenience. The stove can store almost two days worth of corn in a self contained hopper and self-loads the corn with a low-energy electric auger. All you have to do is set the thermostat to the temperature you want and enjoy the radiant heat. Last year, rising fuel prices and growing concerns about the environment increased sales of corn-burning stoves by 500 percent in this country, with a growing number of Marylanders like myself now getting all or most of their home heat from corn. Most importantly for me, as the father of a four-year-old son, is the fact that burning corn contributes almost nothing to global warming. Like all plant material, corn absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere as it grows, and, when it burns, releases no more of this gas that it absorbed, creating no net impact on the climate. There are, of course, fossil-fuel inputs on the farm end, but these are modest. The Maryland farmer I and my Takoma Park neighbors buy from in Mt. Airy practices environment friendly “no-till” agriculture which keeps erosion down and dramatically cuts down on the diesel fuel uses. The diesel he does use – for planting and harvesting—comes out to 1.77 gallons per ton of shelled corn. He fertilizes with organic turkey manure from his farm and uses only about five quarts of herbicide per acre of corn. Add to this the 2.15 gallons of propane gas he uses to dry the corn per ton and the 1.58 gallons of gasoline burned transporting the corn per ton to our homes in Takoma Park—plus, finally, the small amount of electricity used to run the stoves—and the total CO2 inputs equal just 330 pounds per ton. I can heat my home for more than a month with a ton of corn (that’s 35 bushels, not as much as it sounds). To heat my home for a month with natural gas would require 200 therms of natural gas which equals 2200 pounds of CO2. Thus, heating with corn, taking into account all the fossil fuel inputs for production and transport represents a CO2 emission reduction at my home of 1870 pounds per month or a drop of 85 percent. If every home in America were heated this way, we would be well on our way to solving the problem of global warming now threatening our children’s future, For this reason, I strongly encourage the Senate and House of Delegates to pass Bill 43 which would remove the state sales tax from corn-burning stoves. This measure would not only reduce the cost of such stoves, thus encouraging sales and sending a clear message to the citizens of this state that the government takes seriously the need to fight global warming. It would also take us farther down the road toward energy independence in light of the terrorist attacks of September 11th. Rarely do elected officials get the chance to do the right thing and help so many people in the process. Burning corn saves consumers money, helps family farms, and protects the environment. Thank you. Mike Tidwell *EFFECTIVE AUGUST 2002* BILL 43 WAS PASSED BY THE SENATE AND HOUSE DELEGATES -- CORN STOVES ARE NOW FREE OF SALES TAX IN THE STATE OF MARYLAND!

-- Mike Tidwell

We have been burning corn for about 12 years when we saw this new stove and it had every feature my wife and I had thought would be nice on our old stove with some we had not thought about. The concept of the stirring mechanism to enhance the combustion of the corn more completely was interesting. We were then told about adding oyster shells to hold down on the clinkers. Well these additions made all the difference in the world. With the old stove we would clean out the corn pot every day in the winter or every two days in the spring and fall. With your stove we would let it run a month or more with our shutting it down. Being farmers corn is a lot cheaper then LP gas and a lot less work that wood. Seventy-five pounds of corn a day is all it required to heat our home which is a big old rambling farm house. Our LP furnace in the past would kick on in the early morning but with this new stove we found the furnace did not come on which was really nice. Especially in the summer when I got my got my summer fill on gas. Roger Bauman

-- Roger & Pat Bauman

I have been using the Countryside stove for most of 3 winters. I use shell corn instead of wood pellets. They sell for about $4.75/100lbs and come in 50# bags. I use about 75# /day. It was installed in the basement to keep it warm. I thought if I opened the basement door to the kitchen at night, the heat would come up and keep the kitchen warm also. It actually works way better than that because the heat comes up through the hardwood floor and warms the whole first floor of our house. The warm air picks up the humidity in the basement and circulates it through the house through the kitchen door. We haven't had the problem of too much humidity in the basement and too dry upstairs. The basement is dry and the upstairs is not. Thanks again for this great product.

-- Tom Sowle

3-16-02 Dear Dr Lee Chimney Service Just wanted to say Thank You and let you know how much we appreciate your excellent service! We really love our corn burner. It’s been well worth the investment! We have saved over $1200.00 this past winter. We only ordered propane once and that was in November of 2001. Also thank you for being so patient with us in learning how to properly run the stove. We already are looking forward to next winter- knowing we will stay warm! You have a good team working with you. We tell everyone how much we love the stove! Thank You Again Dave and Charlene Gros

-- Dave & Charlene Gros

To Whom It May Concern: I am very pleased with my corn and pellet fireplace insert that I purchased from Dr Lees Chimney. I like the way you can control the heat, also you can burn it all day and night without refueling it. With the fireplace vacuum that I bought, I can have it cleaned out in 10-15 minutes without having to let it cool down. You can turn the corn back on and it ignites because of the hot corn cinders remaining. It has really made a difference in my time that I spend on the fireplace. Keep up the good work. Thank you Charles PS I didn't mention how much “Less” our heating bill is. Thanks!

-- Charles Cohon

2-8-02 To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to let the Countryside company know how much we appreciate owning product that we are able to maintain with out having to call a service repair person when having problems. It seems to me most items that people purchase are very complex and that some manufacturers almost seem to create a need for servicing by someone other than the home owner. We knew very little about operating a pellet stove but knew we wanted one. When we bought the stove we were under the impression it would be installed by the dealer and he would explain the “how to’s”. Well our dealer left it up to us to install it ourselves. Once it was in we only had the manual to explain operating instructions. Of course we had some problems and when I called the dealer, it was apparent he had never run one himself so he was of no help. This is when I called the technical assistance number. I was really expecting a prerecorded message explaining what to so. (This is what happened with our satellite dish!) Well I left a message and Bill called me back. I think we have had every problem anyone could ever have, started with too much corn moisture and no operating instructions. To make a long story short, Bill has been able to talk us through each and every problem. Each time I have learned more and more from him. The other day we had another problem and need a little screw type thing. I thought great, we’ll never find anything in a store, and we’ll have to wait for a part to come from the factory. But much to our surprise we found what we needed and it only cost .50 cents. I have to admit a few times I thought we had made the biggest mistake in the world by buying one of these stoves but then I talk to Bill and he’s been like a tranquilizer. He always has such a calming effect by simply explaining how and what to do. The real bonus of this whole story is the stove has saved us so much in propane. We just checked our gauge and we have only used 10% of our fuel since the 1st of November.

-- Carol Cram

Dear Sir or Madam: After much research and discussion with several other stove manufactures. My wife and I purchased our corn burning stove from Cornburners Inc. in Maryland. One of your newest dealers. A choice we have been very satisfied with. The Larrick brothers and Fran have been without a doubt some of the nicest people to deal with that I have ever met. They have gone out of their way to help me and to work out the problems I have been experiencing with my stove. They have always returned our calls and have been on time for every appointment we have made. You are lucky to have a firm so dedicated to the satisfaction of your customers working for you. Sincerely Willard and Susan

-- Willard and Susan .

Attention: Technical Services Dear Bill, I am just sending you a short note to thank you for your help with my minor problem with not being able to keep the fire burning in our Countryside corn/wood pellet burning stove. The advice you gave me of not having adequate fresh air was right on the money. I will now vent the air intake out like it was advised in the owner’s manual. We are very pleased with the performance of the stove Sincerely, John Terhark

-- John Terhark

Thanks for your help in answering my questions - I'll tell other people about your great service... and a better brand of Corn/Wood Pellet stove to buy...seeing as I have sold three stoves for your company just by people seeing mine burning

-- Kenneth Narva


-- Todd and Karen Hutter

We enjoy the (country side) fireplace flame with out the hassle of a wood stove. Very Impressive heat output. Fuel readily available and inexpensive to buy.

-- D. Farell

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