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Are the Candidates Talking About Clean Energy?

If you’ve ever considered buying an energy-efficient heating system such as a pellet furnace or an ultra-efficient wood or corn stove, chances are clean energy is important to you. So as we’re in the midst of another election cycle, are the candidates talking about clean and renewable energy as well?

At least when it comes to coverage of the presidential election, energy issues seem to have taken a back seat to economic issues. While the economy is certainly at the top of voters’ minds, polls suggest voters still find energy and climate issues to be pretty important.

If you find yourself among the ranks of voters who do place high importance on clean and renewable energy, there are a few things you can do to learn about the candidates’ views on these issues, from the presidential race to your local races:


  • Check out candidate websites to see if they have sections on energy or environmental policy. While many candidates will say they care about clean energy and the environment, look for specific ideas or policy proposals that you think would be helpful. For incumbents, see if they can point to any past accomplishments or attempts at environmentally friendly legislation.
  • Watch debates, read newspaper candidate profiles and check out nonpartisan websites like the League of Women Voters for more information on the candidates and see if they mention clean energy issues. Debates and candidate forums are a great place to weigh one candidate’s stances on energy issues (or lack thereof) versus another’s.


Nationally, a lot hinges on this year’s election as the gridlock in Congress has caused some energy-efficient initiatives that once existed to expire. We at American Energy Systems will particularly be eagerly watching to see if consumer tax credits for energy-efficient wood-burning fireplaces and pellet stoves will be re-examined by the next Congress and president.

And while you do your homework on each candidate’s energy policy positions, it’s important to remember that even if the politicians aren’t supportive of clean energy initiatives, you can still help the environment and your pocketbook by taking measures into your own hands. Moving your home heating system off fossil fuels and installing an efficient wood-burning fireplace, wood stove, corn stove or any other heating system that relies on renewable fuel is an easy way to make a difference and save money at the same time.

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