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3 Easy Ways to Install a Pellet Stove

How pellet furnaces and stoves can revitalize the way you heat your home

Magnum Countryside pellet furnacesWhen you think of wood heat, you might picture sitting around the fireplace, with most of the heat coming directly from the burning logs and the hearth. While that might bring cozy memories and warm thoughts, wood pellet furnaces and stoves provide more than just a cozy place to sit – they can revitalize the way you heat your entire home.

If you’re looking for a truly renewable source of heat that puts you 100 percent in control of your energy purchasing and consumption, a corn or wood pellet furnace is the way to go. Whether you’re building new or simply looking to change the way you heat your home, it’s never been easier to power your heating system with wood, corn or other biofuels.

Heating the whole house

Just like a gas furnace distributes heat to all areas of your home, you can do the same with a wood pellet furnace, and it’s a great way to reduce heating costs. Units like the Magnum 6500 can heat any house up to 3,500 square feet and can be connected to existing ducting systems. And just like you can control a traditional heating system with a thermostat, you can do the same with a pellet stove, helping you get the most for your energy dollar. It’s a great option whether you’re replacing an aging traditional furnace or building from the ground up.

Hard-to-heat spaces

In many homes there are some spaces that are just hard to heat properly. One alternative to reconfiguring your entire duct system is using a pellet burning stove to heat that space. With a system that vents warm air and uses wood or corn fuel to maximum efficiency, it’s a much better option than an electricity-sucking space heater, allowing you to reduce heating costs immediately.

Spaces that aren’t used regularly

Basement entertaining areas that get used only when company’s over, guest wings or workshops are all great candidates to be heated by pellet burning stoves. Rather than piping heat to these areas on a regular basis, simply ignite your stove when the need arises. Pellet stoves can heat spaces quickly and efficiently, making them a great option for spaces that aren’t regularly in use.

If you’re interested in wood heat, the great news is you have a number of different tools that can help you heat your home. Whether you’re simply looking for a high-efficiency fireplace for the den or want to heat your whole home with renewables using a wood pellet furnace, you can find the system that works best for you.

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