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American Energy Systems
Mike Haefner

Today is a great day to heat with corn!  This statement is on the president of American Energy Systems voice mail and demonstrates the 30 year commitment of the company to provide top quality, efficient and environmentally friendly products for the consumer and business trade.  American Energy Systems Inc (known as AES) is recognized in the hearth industry as a leader in corn burning technology and has presented the concept of burning corn and other locally grown fuels to groups around the nation and in Europe.

American Energy Systems started designing energy efficient solid fuel appliances back in 1973 in the little town of Glenham South Dakota.

AES moved to Hutchinson Minnesota nearly 20 years ago to get close to the center of transportation, supplies and strong employee base.  AES moved into a new 30,000 square foot state of the art manufacturing facility in January of 2002.  This has enabled the company to expand its operations in Minnesota and has added 15-20 new jobs with a total employee base over the next couple years projected at 50.

AES is committed to the training of our youth to ensure a workforce for the future and has backed that up by providing work study training for local High School, Academy and Technical College youth.  The owner, Mike Haefner believes that if we do not prepare our youth to build our future we will be in serious trouble as a nation.

AES looks for the type of employee that is highly motivated, self directed, takes ownership in their work and likes to be rewarded for excellence.  AES firmly believes that the only way that manufacturers can survive is to have a solid employee base that will give 100 percent.

The companies flagship corn burning product "Countryside" has received international attention as the pioneer of new era in solving the high cost of heating our homes.  Corn burning appliances have become a specialty for the company and over the next 5 years will become a household name in keeping us warm.

Last year, American Energy Systems was involved with the first ever Urban Corn Silo to be installed in Tacoma Park overlooking the nations capital.  Four television stations, numerous radio stations, the mayor and politicians from the nation's capital were on hand for the ribbon cutting.

Leading environmentalists groups were also there to let the press know that burning corn to heat our homes is safe, economical and helps clean up our environment.

At the ribbon cutting, Mike Haefner, president and owner of American Energy Systems challenged the nation to take a stand against high energy costs, to help clean up our environment and stop giving our children's future away.

The next five years will see AES spreading its wings to open new possibilities in saving energy costs by using environmentally safe fuels that are home grown.  New industries will be created to fill the need of distribution of these fuels along with the jobs created in building, installing, servicing and training the consumer on how to make the most of their investment.

What does American Energy Systems see in the future.  We see our families staying safe and warm cuddled around a Countryside corn burning appliance.  We see our air a little cleaner.  We see our farmers making the most out of the crops that they grow right here at home.  We see that it is indeed a great day to heat our homes with CORN.

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