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Maintenance Tips for Your Wood-Burning Fireplace

Now that winter has arrived, your fireplace is surely working hard to keep your home warm and cozy. To make sure your wood-burning fireplace is working at peak efficiency for the rest of the season and for years to come, it’s important to follow a few simple maintenance tips.

Fireplace maintenance is easy if you simply take the time to do it. You’ll find that the descriptions for each of American Energy Systems 0 provide an outline for regular maintenance tasks, which you can also find in your owner’s manual. While a few specific tasks are unique to each fireplace, a number of general tasks will keep your fireplace running well no matter what type of system you have.

Daily tasks

One key to making sure your wood-burning fireplace is operating at peak efficiency is consistently disposing of ashes as they accumulate. Make this easy by keeping an ash bucket near your fireplace. For a few creative uses for your fireplace ash, check out these ideas from This Old House. Ash vacuums can also make this job easier. Never use a regular vacuum, as they are not designed to handle ash. Even if you’re using an ash vacuum, make sure ash has cooled before you clean. Opening the vents all the way and burning at a fast pace for a few minutes is also a great way to self-clean venting and your firebox.

Weekly tasks

Wiping down glass and other exposed fireplace surfaces is also easier if done on a regular basis. One way to cut down on the amount of surface you’ll need to clean is to install a zero-clearance fireplace insert that fits nicely into a wall or an existing traditional hearth. Even adding universal doors to your existing fireplace can keep your fireplace area cleaner and increase efficiency.

Monthly tasks

Every month or so, it’s a good idea to make sure smoke can efficiently travel through your chimney. Check connections to your chimney system to make sure joints are still sealed tightly and venting systems aren’t clogged, and clean them with creosote remover if they are. Call a professional to fix noticeable leaks if you aren’t experienced enough to do the job yourself.

Annual tasks

Once the cold season winds down, do a thorough cleaning. Remove the fire brick and clean the whole fire box thoroughly (consult your owner’s manual if you aren’t sure how to do this). Oil door hinges. Clean your venting system and again check connections to your chimney system. You should also have your chimney cleaned on an annual basis by a professional, who should also be able to check for any leakage or damage throughout your system.

If you have any maintenance questions about Country Flame fireplaces, you can get help by contacting Techcenter1 at or 320-227-2902.

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