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3 Easy Ways to Install a Pellet Stove

Green Furnaces: 5 Reasons Pellet Stoves Are Environmentally Friendly

 (ARA) – There are plenty of reasons to be concerned about being green: global warming, depletion of the earth’s natural resources, rising fuel prices and global conflict over energy resources, just to name a few. There are so many ways to go about reducing your impact on the environment, but thinking about the way you heat your home is one area where you can make a major impact.

Solar and wind get a lot of attention when it comes to providing your home with electricity, but when it comes to heat, few options compare with the environmental benefits of installing a green furnace. Wood burning stoves have long offered a path to energy independence, but today’s pellet stoves and high-efficiency wood stoves fall into an entirely new class of green appliances with their ability to cleanly burn renewable fuel.

Here are five reasons installing a green furnace is an environmentally friendly proposition:


  • Renewable fuel. When you buy a pellet stove or furnace, you have a lot of optionsin terms of the type of fuel you can use. But one thing all these options have in common is that they come from 100 percent renewable sources. A green furnace runs on fuel that’s grown, not mined.
  • Low emissions. Pellet stoves rate as the most efficient of all solid-burning residential heating appliances, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Materials in pellet form burn more completely and efficiently and today’s design improvements allow hot air generated by your flame to be used most efficiently. Many of the products we offer exceed EPA clean air requirements, making them the ultimate green appliance.
  • Buy local. The beauty of both wood and pellet stoves is that you can source your fuel locally and know exactly where it comes from. For instance, you could fuel your pellet stove with corn from a farmer in your community. With a high-efficiency wood-burning stove you could potentially heat your home exclusively with wood grown on your own property, eliminating all transportation-related environmental costs.
  • A use for waste. Did you know you can keep waste out of landfills by using a pellet stove? Wood pellets often are produced from discarded scraps and sawdust and wheat pellets come from the husks and other unusable parts of the plant – and those aren’t the only types of pellets generated from material otherwise considered waste. One person’s waste is your green energy.
  • Use less construction materials. New energy-efficient stoves, furnaces and fireplace inserts don’t require chimneys or elaborate duct work. You can save both on material costs and use fewer resources when you install a green furnace.

As you search for ways to outfit your home with green appliances and reduce your impact on the environment, you’d be hard pressed to find a better heating option than a green furnace that runs on renewable fuel.

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