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3 Easy Ways to Install a Pellet Stove

Cabin fever: Considering fireplace and stove options for your home away from home

If you own a cabin or vacation home, coziness is a key factor in the enjoyment of your peaceful retreat. And what better way to make your cabin more inviting than installing a wood stove or fireplace? But did you know that fireplaces and wood stoves can do more for your cabin than just making it a more attractive place to spend time?

Fireplaces, wood stoves or pellet stoves are logical choices for your home away from home for a number of reasons. While they also make for a sound investment in your permanent home, they can really add value to your vacation home.
Easy to install
When it comes to heating systems, there’s perhaps no simpler option than wood heat. Pellet and wood stove installation requires very little disruption to the infrastructure of your cabin (or any home, for that matter). You simply need to mount or fit the stove to a built-in compartment and install a ventilation system. Wood or pellet stove pipe can be installed to vent exhaust through the ceiling or an exterior wall. Whether you’re building new or installing one in an existing dwelling, it couldn’t be easier.
Great for intermittent uses
With wood or pellet heat, you simply have to load them with fuel and light them when you arrive at your cabin or vacation home, and extinguish the fire and remove any excess fuel before you leave. Fuel storage containers are one of the more convenient pellet stove accessories for cabin owners, as you can make bulk purchases and store extra fuel for use each time you make the trip.
Many options
If you’re looking to heat your cabin with wood or pellet heat, many options are available depending on your needs and the size of the space. If your cabin is a cozy cottage with a small footprint, you could heat the entire thing with a wood or pellet fireplace. Pellet and wood stoves can heat a larger area, and come in a variety of sizes with different heating capacities. They can also be used as supplemental heat with existing heating systems.
If your land sits on a heavily wooded lot where you have plenty of free access to firewood, you might opt for a traditional wood fireplace or stove. If not, pellet stoves provide great value because they burn fuel most efficiently. You can also use a variety of fuels in most pellet stoves, from wood pellets to shelled corn to different types of biomass. That flexibility allows you to choose which fuel is most available or affordable in your area.
American Energy Systems offers wide variety of fireplaces and stoves designed to fit the needs of any type of home or cabin. Browse the product listings to see what might be the best fit for your home away from home.


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