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3 Easy Ways to Install a Pellet Stove


       There are some questions that are not answered by the owners manual.  Whenever we get questions that everyone would be interested in, we will post them on this section.  Please look through the topics and select the answer that fits your needs.  If you have a specific question that is not answered here, please email us at technical@magnumheat.com .

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FAQs in Maintenance

What about maintenance, how often do I need to clean my unit and how much work is it?

a)   American Energy Systems Inc. has designed all of its products to be easy to get to.  In most cases, you do not even need any additional tools to get to all areas that need cleaning.  The high efficiency Tri-level combustion technology re-burns the fuel to assure very little ash and buildup.  The self-cleaning technology means less maintenance and problems.

b)   Typically you will slide the heat exchanger rod (located conveniently on the front of the unit) 7-10 times once a day, clean the firepot once a day, clean out the firebox every 3-5 days, internal cleanouts every 2 weeks and the ash pan when needed.  All of this maintenance typically takes 5-10 minutes per day to perform.  The installation and operations manual provided with your appliance gives you step by step information on how to keep your appliance running smoothly.  You can get additional information on our website at www.magnumheat.com


My firepot is filling up with a “clinker” (a condition when fuel bonds together) and overflowing, what is the problem?

a)   The most common reason for excessive clinkering would be the quality of the fuel, installation errors or maintenance. If the firepot is overflowing check your venting system, make sure that you have fresh air hooked to the appliance, check your home for negative pressure and clean your firepot out more frequently.

b)   If the firepot continues to overflow after just a couple hours it probably is fuel quality related. Check your fuel and if it is bad, replace with a quality fuel source.  If the fuel is good, then check the firepot for proper fit, make sure the venting is clean and there are no problems with the draft blower system.  Check all cleanout ports to  make sure that the heat exchangers are not plugged.

c)   There is complete maintenance, installation guidelines and troubleshooting in your operations manual and online at www.magnumheat.com


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