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3 Easy Ways to Install a Pellet Stove


       There are some questions that are not answered by the owners manual.  Whenever we get questions that everyone would be interested in, we will post them on this section.  Please look through the topics and select the answer that fits your needs.  If you have a specific question that is not answered here, please email us at technical@magnumheat.com .

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FAQs in Combustion Air Requirements

Is fresh combustion air required and important for my appliance to run correctly?

a)   American Energy Systems Inc. requires that a fresh air source is brought in from outside of the home and hooked directly to the appliance.  It is estimated that 80 percent of the homes in the USA have negative pressure in the home.  It is a severe problem especially in lower levels.  This means that your appliance may not run correctly, will burn dirty and the safety systems will shut your appliance down.

b)   Fresh combustion air is important to make sure that the appliance does not spill smoke back into the home, the venting does not get plugged and the fuel burns clean and efficient.  In addition to supplying fresh air to the appliance you need to check the home itself and if needed supply additional fresh makeup air to the home.


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