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       There are some questions that are not answered by the owners manual.  Whenever we get questions that everyone would be interested in, we will post them on this section.  Please look through the topics and select the answer that fits your needs.  If you have a specific question that is not answered here, please email us at technical@magnumheat.com .

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FAQs in General Info

What models of Magnum or Country Flame product can be hooked to a wall thermostat and how do they operate?

a)   MagnuM and Country Flame furnaces, fireplace inserts and stoves can be connected to a low voltage or millivolt wall thermostat. The control boards are not designed however to work with an electronic thermostat that requires power from the appliance.


b)   When the wall thermostat calls for heat the appliance will go to the heat setting that has been pre-selected.  When the wall thermostat has been satisfied (the room is up to temperature), the appliance will go to a pilot fire that is pre-programmed into the appliance.  If you have the auto ignition system and are operating on fully automatic, the appliance will shut down completely until the wall thermostat calls for heat and then it will light the unit and run at the pre-set heat setting.

How do I determine what is the best heat setting on my appliance and how does the control center operate?

a)   Modern Heating experts agree that running your unit on a lower heat setting for longer periods of time is the best.  All MagnuM and Country Flame products come thermostat capable and can also be run on a manual heat setting.

b)   If you are using a wall thermostat, it is best to set your appliance on a medium heat setting.  When the thermostat calls for heat the unit will change from a pilot fire to the medium setting and bring your home up to the desired temperature. If the unit cycles too often or cannot keep up during extreme cold conditions, change the setting to accommodate longer periods of time between pilot fire and heat setting cycling.

c)   Typically, a manual operation setting will give you a more stable temperature in your home.  Most units will heat the area needed on a medium heat setting rather than going from a lower to higher setting all of the time.  When heating requirements demand a little more or less heat simply turn the appliance to a setting that meets those needs.


How do I get technical assistance when I need it NOW?

a)   Your satisfaction is of high importance to American Energy Systems Inc.  We have trained service providers across the nation and Canada to take care of your technical needs.  The factory is set up to train and instruct the dealers and service providers and they in turn assist their customers.

b)   To get information FAST, consult your owner’s installation and operations manual.  If you cannot get the answers needed go to www.magnumheat.com and go to the technical and informational bulletins.  We have a new forum also where you can go to ask and receive answers quickly.  Only call the factory technical assistance line if you cannot get the right answers through the normal channels.  This may take longer than going on-line so please be patient.


The dealer in my area is no longer in business. How do I get service and where can I purchase another product?

a)      The first step is to go online to our dealer locater and enter your zip code. If there is a new dealer or service provider in the area it will come up. If the factory number comes up contact us and we will direct you to the best place to get service. We will get you in contact with a service provider to assist in the proper installation and service of your MagnuM or Country Flame product. You can order parts and product online. Our E-com store is at www.magnumheat.com

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