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3 Easy Ways to Install a Pellet Stove

Countryside Corn Stoves

Because corn can be grown nearly anywhere in as little as four months, an accessible, low cost fuel can be purchased at feed stores, or directly from farmers.

The electricity required to operate the stove is equivalent to the energy drawn by a 100-watt light bulb. The relatively small and easy-to-install corn-burning stove provides approximately 50,000 BTUs, or enough radiant heat to warm a two-thousand square foot home. Nearly two days worth of corn (75 pounds) can be stored in the stove's hopper, which then self-loads the corn into the burner with the low-energy electric auger.

A stainless steel stirrer that resembles a tiny hand turns the corn. A handful of clean-burn additive, developed by Haefner, mixed with every 75 pounds of corn, together with injected air helps the corn burn cleanly.

Unlike wood burning fireplaces, corn stoves do not require a chimney system saving consumers the approximately $2,000 chimney installation cost. Instead, the corn stoves require a three-inch type L pellet vent pipe that can be installed to vent directly through the wall behind the stove.

Nationwide and in Canada, nearly 600 dealers are selling American Energy System's Magnum Corn Furnace, Countryside Freestanding Stove, and fireplace insert. For more information about the Countryside and Magnum corn burning products, contact Mike Haefner at (800) 495-3196 or on the Web at

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