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3 Easy Ways to Install a Pellet Stove

Not your grandparents’ fireplace: The conveniences of today’s wood stoves and fireplaces

The idea of heating your home with wood heat might be one of those ideas that seems quaint and idyllic, but then you dismiss it because it seems like a lot of work. You might think the price to pay for cozy wood heat is the task of getting up in the middle of the night to stoke the flame and restock the stove. The truth is wood heat now looks very little like it did years ago and heating your home with wood or pellet heat might be a lot more convenient than you might think.

Today’s fireplaces and wood stoves are not only more efficient, but also much easier to operate and maintain. If you do a quick browse of our Country Flame and Magnum fireplaces and wood stoves, you’ll get an idea of what wood heat looks like today.

Long burn times

If you’re using a traditional wood stove or fireplace, you might expect to get about four to six hours of solid burn time when it’s fully stocked with cord wood. Newer stoves are designed to burn much more efficiently, allowing wood to burn slower. The Magnum and Country Flame wood stoves and fireplaces we sell have burn times up to 12+ hours, meaning you can go overnight before having to restock your stove. Pellet stoves will burn even longer with burn times up to 50+ hours.

Automatic starts

While building the perfect fire by placing that newspaper in just the right place before you light it is gratifying for some, the hassle of doing it the old-fashioned way might be enough to turn others away from wood or pellet heat. If manually starting your flame is not your thing, today’s fireplaces and wood stoves offer a better solution – automatic starts. If you buy a Country Flame stove or fireplace insert that uses pellet heat, you’ll have the luxury of an electric start, meaning all you have to do is push a button to ignite your flame.

Less ash, less maintenance

Think you need to get out the broom and dustpan frequently to clear your fireplace and hearth of ash? Owners of a Magnum fireplace insert, Magnum Countryside stove, Country Flame wood pellet stove or other energy-efficient fireplaces will notice much less ash than less sophisticated fireplaces. Why? Because when wood or pellets burn more completely, there’s less waste or unused fuel, which is what ash actually is. Energy-efficient stoves and fireplaces therefore produce less ash. Country Flame and Magnum fireplaces and stoves also have removable ash trays and self-cleaning firepots, which makes routine maintenance much easier.

Easy to install

The grand fireplaces of yesterday came complete with beautiful and stately brick chimneys, but if you want to build one of these today, it’s going to cost you big money and take a lot of time, and even then it may not be possible within your existing home structure. Not to worry though, as today’s fireplace inserts and wood stoves can be seamlessly integrated into your home, and don’t require heavy masonry due to improved design that protects surrounding infrastructure from heat exposure. In most cases, you’ll just need to install a simple venting system with your stove or fireplace, which is basic when compared to a hearth or chimney. If you already have a hearth and chimney but are looking for an upgrade in efficiency, new models can be retrofitted to function in the same space.
The improvements in fireplace and stove technology have made it more convenient than ever to convert to wood or pellet heat. Take a look for yourself to see the user-friendly features offered by today’s fireplaces, fireplace inserts and pellet stoves.
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