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3 Easy Ways to Install a Pellet Stove

Heating With Wood Pellet, Corn or Flex Fuel

American Energy Systems Inc. is the "Industry" recognized leader in automated combustion technology.  Long before the buzzwords like Biomass and Flex-fuels were popular we were developing and selling multi-fuel appliances that would heat your homes with a variety of fuels.

The MagnuM and Country Flame line of Corn, Wood Pellet, Agri-fuel and Flex-fuel appliances come in a wide variety of styles and models sure to fit your lifestyle and home decor.  Whether you need a fireplace insert to change that drafty fireplace into an efficient heating source or a free-standing appliance to warm up your family room and more, we have the right product at the right price.

Our dealers and service providers carry value added products to make installation and operation of your MagnuM or Country Flame product easy and can assure that you will get the right fuel no matter what.  We have made it convenient to choose and purchase your MagnuM or Country Flame right here on the MagnuM Website.  Simply go to our E-com store and select the product model that fits your needs and we will direct that sale to the nearest service provider to get you up and going.


  Pellet Fuels Institute                       

PFI Standards Program

Biomass Fuels:

corn wood
grass grass & sawdust mix
switchgrass leaves
recycled newsprint  
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