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3 Easy Ways to Install a Pellet Stove

Thought for the Harvest: Biofuels Provide Another Way to Support American Farmers

It’s no coincidence that Thanksgiving happens during the fall. While the anecdotes about how and where the first Thanksgiving occurred vary, one thing’s for certain: A big part of the celebration involved giving thanks for the year’s bountiful harvest. But for many, including those who use biomass stoves, giving thanks to the land and to farmers who cultivate it goes beyond just being grateful for the meals on your table.

In a world where there’s often a wide gulf between the buyer and producer of an item or commodity, your first thought isn’t always of the person responsible for supplying the things you need to get through the day. But the harvest time and Thanksgiving season can be a good time to reflect on that buyer-seller relationship, especially when it comes to your energy needs.

Who would you rather support?

We can’t always control where we send the money we pay for the fuels that power our homes and vehicles, but if you had the choice, would you rather keep your energy dollar in the U.S. or send it abroad? Would you rather see a local farmer benefit from your energy usage, or a foreign energy conglomerate?
Regardless of political persuasion, most Americans would probably answer that keeping money circulating in the American economy and supporting domestic energy sources is a good thing. One way you can encourage that is by choosing to use American-produced biofuels.

Wood and biomass stoves support domestic energy

Did you know you can heat your home with products that were made in America and rely on domestic fuel sources? And it’s incredibly easy. While electric vehicles still require a certain amount of sacrifice in the fact that you can only charge up in selected areas and you’ll have to pay a premium for a hybrid car, today’s pellet and biomass stoves are easy to install and provide heat just as well - and as cheaply - as any other system.
All of our products at American Energy Systems are made in America and offer customers a wide variety of ways to declare their energy independence. You might decide you want to start with an insert pellet stove to heat one room of your house, such as a Magnum Countryside biomass stove, or you can ditch your fossil-fuel powered heating system completely by installing a pellet furnace to heat your whole house.
If you make the switch to pellet heat, you can rest assured that you are supporting American foresters or farmers, rather than multinational energy companies or foreign oil barons. And you can celebrate the harvest by knowing you’re getting your heat from a renewable source that can be regrown year after year.


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