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What Unit is Best for Me?

American Energy Systems Inc. has spent the past 42 plus years developing a wide range of products and options so that you do not go home with a product that fits some salesman's idea of what they want to sell you. Our wish is to make sure that YOU can find the right appliance that fits your lifestyle and decor.

The MagnuM and Country Flame line of wood burning fireplaces, fireplace inserts and free-standing stoves gives you the ability to choose just the right application.  Whether you are building that new home and want a build-in fireplace or have a new addition to heat and just need a powerhouse stove we have the model just for you. That drafty energy sucking old style fireplace will be tamed with our state of the art fireplace insert models, designed to fit every application.

If you are tired of burning wood and want the latest in automated combustion, the MagnuM and Country Flame Corn, Wood Pellet and Flex-fuel appliances will take care of all your needs.  We have made it easy to select the right look beings all of our products are capable of burning a wide variety of fuels so you don't have to buy someone's idea of the right product just because it burns only one fuel.  With MagnuM and Country Flame you have choices.

If you want to tie into your existing heating system, need some out buildings heated or just want some serious big time heating ability, our furnace and boiler lines will fit the need.  I invite you to take a serious look at the MagnuM and Country Flame product features on this Website.  Each model has unique features that will be just right for you.  We have even made it easy for you to purchase your new MagnuM or Country Flame right here online and we will do the work of helping you find the right dealer or service provider to make sure that you get the most out of your purchase experience.  Thank you for choosing an American built product by American Energy Systems Inc.

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